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“I was so afraid of flying that I would drive for hours in order to not have to fly. I would have to plan my trips so carefully and always have to make excuses about why I was going to drive rather than fly. But I just couldn’t bear the thought of getting on a plane and I’d do anything to avoid it.”

Many people admit to being afraid of snakes and spiders but they can manage their fears quite well. With Specific phobia, however, the fear is not manageable. In fact it is so intense that it causes you to suffer from considerable distress in your life. For instance, a fear of flying could result in your not being able to travel for your job and therefore you might have to pass up a much wanted promotion. A fear of snakes could result in not going on family outings to the park and/or not using the basement of your own home.

There are many types of objects, animals and situations that could evoke this type of fear including: flying, driving, snakes, spiders, other animals (dogs, cats, etc.) heights, bridges and tunnels, dentists or doctors, elevators, blood, injections or injuries, storms, loud noises, illness and others.

If you think you may have Specific Phobia, speak to your family physician, psychologist or psychiatrist.


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